March 2014

Sparkle, Denoon Park, Muskego, Wisconsin

A bit of frost made the morning sparkle.

Blue Water Falls

This is an exercise in "painting with light". I used an ordinary six volt flashlight to illuminate the ice and rocks. The camera was firmly mounted on a tripod and the shutter stayed open for 60 seconds allowing me plenty of time to "paint" the scene…

Dam at Whitnall Park, Franklin, Wisconsin

I usually photograph this waterfall from the other side. This is, for me, a refreshing view.

Bird in Brown, Denoon Park, Muskego, Wisconsin

Sometimes life can be confusing, but if you sit still for awhile God will show you a way through.

Mist-ical Deer, Whitnall Park, Franklin, Wisconsin

I went to the park to photograph the trees in the fog. When I got out of the car I noticed a deer off to my left slowly walking toward these trees. I set up my camera on a tripod and composed the scene and waited for the deer to walk into the composi…

Gnarly Tree, Badlands National Park, South Dakota

This tree is located right next to a wooden boardwalk. I have photographed this tree on two different occasions. Before I step off the boardwalk to make the photograph I first get down onto my belly and look under the boardwalk. Then I swish the leg…

Niagara Falls

The power of the falls reminded me of the even greater power of God.

Leaves of Brown, Muskego, Wisconsin

You do not have to travel to exotic locations to make great photographs. I consider this photograph to be one of my best and I found these leaves in our front yard.

A Way Out

A rainstorm created this temporary out-wash into Lake Superior. Lake Superior Provincial Park,Ontario,Canada.

Green and Granite

Devil's Lake State Park has a lot to offer,especially to photographers. This photograph was made along the easily traversed Rock Trail along the west side of the lake. Near Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Rock Wall in Mauve

This colorful wall is located in Amnicon Falls State Park just downstream from the covered bridge. Northwestern Wisconsin.

A calm area of the upper portion of Bond Falls. Upper Michigan.

House Plant, Muskego, Wisconsin

I purchased a new lens and flash equipment and I tried my hand at a still life. I borrowed my wife's house plant for a subject and this is the result.

Bond in Blue

Located just above mighty Bond Falls, these mini-falls have their own appeal. Upper Michigan.


I was able to photograph this shy deer from my car window while driving through Whitnall Park.

Close Encounter

Two hours after I bought a new telephoto zoom lens I was rewarded with a nice portrait of this curious deer.

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